In late 1998 Monolith, an organization which provided free domain names to the Internet community shutdown leaving thousands of Internet users without the possibility of continuing the use of their domains. Three members of the Monolith middle management who managed the day to day running of support and staff saw this and decided to take action.

Originally they were hoping to continue running the domain but unfortunately this was not possible. So DHS was formed with the aim of providing the same services as well as new services to the Internet community without going down the same path as Monolith did.

With this aim, DHS has managed to set up all the main services that Monolith provided as well as enhance some of them. These services were providing over 220,000 users worldwide with domain names. was bigger than the .au namespace in the early days.

DHS has plans to expand in the near future and to offer even more enhanced services. Some of these may attract minor charges to assist with cost recovery.

It may not be possible for DHS International to continue providing totally free services but such services will always remain very low cost. Pricing has not changed since we introduced a fee in 2003.

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DHS provides three main services:

Static DNS: Users can create their own hostnames and either control it like they would a normal domain or they can have it pointed to a single IP address which allows the members to run their own web site and mail server with very little configuration.

Dynamic DNS: This service allows users who dial up with a modem to run their own mail server and web site over their modem. Since a lot of the people who use the Internet don't have static Internet Addresses, this allowed those others who wish to run their own web site on their own domain the option of doing it without paying extra money for a static Internet address.

AtHome web redirection: This allows those people who run sites on free web providers or on their ISP's web space to make it appear that they own their own domain. This is particularly popular as some members find that the URL of their web site is particularly hard to remember.

Note: It should be noted that DHS does not provide the actual hosting of the content on the sites, just the names.

DHS provides DNS and redirection services and very little hosting. The majority of sites are not hosted by DHS International

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